Luis Maya
Luis Maya
-Actor / Model / Stunt Driver-


Looking for your next lead role?


Luis Maya has always enjoyed entertaining those around him. From creating his own home movies he’d film with his parent’s camcorder, to figuring out what to say or do to make his group of friends laugh.

It wasn’t until he took an Improv Class in 2016 that he realized entertaining an audience and feeding off their positive attention is what Luis Enjoyed. He took his new found stage experience to his first scripted role as a supporting character.

With his ability to grow facial hair, he trimmed his follicles into a heavy mustache and played a mid-40’s Mexican man named Ricardo in the original theater performance of San Joaquin Blues.


“I always loved to entertain. I’ll do what it takes to give a great performance since the audience can’t get a refund on time. I want to make it worth it.”



Luis’ positive attitude and work ethic, lead him to meeting a lot of amazing people he’s worked with, and helped him achieve his goal of becoming a lead. His first lead role was at the world known Gallo Center of the Arts, located in Modesto, California. The repertory theater production of Sangre de un Angel required Luis to play a high school student, trying to fit in his unstable family. Just goes to show, the kind of range Luis can provide going from a 45 year old man, to a high school teenager.

Immediately after, Luis was cast lead in Disgraced, where he was challenged with the dialogue and articulation of a very well educated lawyer of Pakistani-Muslim descent. This was just in his first year of acting!

Through networking and references, Luis has done independent films, was an actor for Police training videos, was an extra for the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, and has further studied his love of improv at Berkeley Repertory Theater.

Luis has always provided as a lead role and he’s always up for a challenge when creating a character. He’s always looking to collaborate and ready and willing to jump at any opportunity to create entertainment.

Contact Luis and he will truly live up to his positive words and motto of “LET’S DO THIS!”

Let’s Do This!


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